Get Schooled on Java – We’re Teaching All About Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee, about arabica coffee, what's arabica coffee

Arabica coffee, robusta beans, crema, immersive coffee making, red eye, black eye, froth, misto – coffee isn’t just coffee anymore. There are so many buzzwords and terms that it can be challenging to keep up with everything. Fortunately, you have us, and we’ve got you covered. We won’t keep you hanging with all kinds of … Read more

Unveiling the Secret Behind Blue Bottle Coffee’s Popularity

Blue Bottle Coffee, what is blue bottle coffee, blue bottle coffee near me, blue bottle dripper

Are you searching Blue Bottle Coffee for Kyoto coffee, third-wave providers, cupping spoons, instant craft espresso, the famous Blue Bottle dripper, exceedingly rare options, or just to find out what all the buzz is about these days? Then, you’re in the right place, as Blue Bottle Coffee has become an iconic presence in the coffee … Read more

Butter in Coffee? Are You Serious?

butter in coffee, bulletproof coffee, coffee with butter, why put butter in coffee

by Lu -, Spillin’ the Beans People have been putting butter in coffee for some time now. It may sound strange, but many people find the combination of coffee and butter delicious. Adding butter to coffee creates a beverage known as Bulletproof Coffee and one that’s been a hot topic in recent years. Before we … Read more

Vanilla? Hazelnut? Sugar-Free? Let’s Talk McDonald’s Iced Coffee

McDonald's iced coffee, iced coffee McDonald's, vanilla iced coffee McDonald's, how much is iced coffee at McDonald's

by Lu -, Spillin’ the Beans Vanilla? Hazelnut? Sugar-Free? Let’s Talk McDonald’s Iced Coffee I didn’t realize that McDonald’s iced coffee launch was in 2007, but I recall the rollout. I’m a huge fan of McDonald’s breakfast, but not of drinking hot coffee in the car. So, the perfect menu addition was an iced version … Read more

Coffee with Health Benefits

coffee with health benefits, is there a healthy coffee, what kind of coffee is healthy

by Lu -, Spillin’ the Beans Everyone’s asking about coffee with health benefits. And, yes, quite a few options can be kinder to your system. But I want to introduce you to one that tastes like typical drip coffee that’s a hit with discriminating consumers. And, even though most are “probable” health benefits, there’s an … Read more

Coffee Trivia and Facts

coffee trivia and facts, fun trivia about coffee

Coffee and espresso are two of the most popular drinks around the world. While they may seem like ordinary beverages, there’s much more to them than meets the eye. So, we thought we’d have a little fun and share some coffee trivia and facts. Why? Because a few are really fascinating (pay attention to #8). … Read more

Hanx Coffee: Tom Hanks’ Veteran-Supporting Coffee Line

Hanx Coffee, Tom Hanks Coffee, Hanx coffee veterans

by Lu, Spillin’ the Beans I love coffee, good causes, and Tom Hanks. So, it’s fantastic to have the triple threat of things I love all in one blog post. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I’m excited to share some info about Hanx Coffee. Nope. It’s not spelled wrong. It’s Hanx and not … Read more

What’s the Deal with Adding Salt to Coffee?

adding salt to coffee, why add salt to coffee, what is salt coffee

Adding salt to coffee might sound a bit strange. However, the practice isn’t new. Some documentation dates back to the 1800s (some earlier) when people used it as an alternative to sugar to make their coffee more palatable. Today, people still add salt to their coffee for various reasons, such as to reduce bitterness, improve … Read more

Coffee Sticks – The Magic of Microgrounds

coffee sticks, microgrounds, what are coffee sticks, what are microgrounds

by Lu, Spillin’ the Beans This blog post is a must for any coffee drinker, as it’ll open up a whole new world of on-to-go-access and no coffee maker-needed java in the form of coffee sticks! Let’s start with what coffee sticks aren’t, as they are not wooden stirrers, coffee popsicles, or a new Jenga … Read more

What Is a Pour-Over Coffee?

what is a pour over coffee, pour over coffee what is

Pour-over coffee is an early 1900s invention, but it’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity, especially among millennials. This manual coffee-making approach has become an attractive alternative to many other high-tech machines. At its core, pour-over coffee is simply pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. This recipe requires the user to carefully control several variables … Read more

Coffee Flights – A Bit of This, A Bit of That

coffee flights, coffee sampler

Coffee flights are the perfect way to explore the world of specialty coffee. A coffee flight is a set of different coffees, typically with something in common – like various espressos, flavored coffees, coffees from particular regions, etc. They provide an excellent way to explore new blends and find a new favorite. Additionally, coffee flights … Read more

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