How to Make Turkish Coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee with a Cezve (Ibrik)

Coffee making with equipment like an espresso machine, AeroPress, or Moka pot requires some instruction and practice with the equipment to brew the best cup. But if you want to know how to make Turkish coffee (and we assume you do since you’re here), it’s all about preparation and technique.

Turkish coffee is a traditional coffee beverage from the Middle East. It’s made with finely ground coffee beans, boiled in a special pot called a cezve or ibrik. Unlike other types of coffee, this type of coffee is not filtered, so the coffee grounds remain in the beverage.

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The appeal of Turkish coffee

Making Turkish coffee – step by step

The Cezve or Ibrik


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About Turkish Coffee

Coffee / Water Ratio1 teaspoon / 2 ounces
Grindvery fine grind
CupTurkish coffee cup or espresso cup
Brewing Processa double brew immersion process where the coffee is boiled in the water in a cezve (ibrik) and the crema is scooped off midstream, and more crema is created
Benefitsthe brewing process produces a coffee with less acidity
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Turkish coffee maker, making Turkish coffee, cezve, ibrik
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The Appeal of Turkish Coffee

Using an ibrik or cezve to make Turkish coffee has several benefits beyond just taste. For starters, this method allows for precise temperature control so you can enjoy it exactly how you like it. Additionally, using this traditional tool also ensures an even distribution of flavor throughout the cup of coffee thanks to its special shape, which creates a vortex as you pour out your drink. Finally, preparing your own cup with a cezve or ibrik also brings an element of ritual into the everyday enjoyment of your favorite beverage.

Turkish coffee is high in antioxidants due to its special brewing method. It avoids over-extraction of certain compounds found in coffee beans that can cause bitterness. Because boiling water is used during preparation rather than steeping like most other methods — there’s less acidity which helps create a smoother drink without any harshness on the palate. Be mindful that this delicious beverage has high caffeine content, though.

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Making Turkish Coffee – Step-by-Step

1. Gather your three ingredients: water, sugar, and coffee.*

*Turkish coffee usually uses Arabica beans and requires a very fine grind. Your coffee should resemble flour instead of typical coffee grinds. This is one of the two most important parts of coffee-making success.

2. Pour one (Turkish or espresso) cup of water into the pot (cezve/ibrik). Use your serving cup to measure the water.

3. Add one teaspoon of sugar and stir.

4. Add one heaping teaspoon of coffee (and a little extra if you really want strong coffee!).

5. Place the pot on low heat on the stove and leave it alone for about two minutes.

6. After two minutes, slowly stir the mixture.

7. Once the coffee comes to a boil, take it off the heat and spoon the crema that formed on the top into your cup.

8. Put the pot back on the stove and turn the heat back on low so more crema forms.

9. Pour the mixture into your cup very slowly to preserve the crema.

Note: The instructions above are for one serving. But many pots hold at least three cups, so you can adjust accordingly. The sugar caramelizes during the cooking process and enhances the flavor. However, you can omit the sugar if you’re not a fan of the sweetness.

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crema on Turkish coffee, cezve for Turkish coffee, ibrik for Turkish coffee
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The Cezve (or Ibrik)

The cezve or ibrik is a small pot that is perfect for making Turkish coffee. It has a long handle, and it’s usually made of copper, but it can also be brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. The shape of the pot and the long handle make it easy to pour and control the heat.

Making Turkish coffee with a cezve or ibrik is considered by many to be the traditional and most authentic way of preparing it. This method requires some expertise and skill. But once you get the hang of it, you can make consistent and delicious cups of coffee every time.

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Modern Coffee Making

If you’re more of a hands-off barista, you might be interested to know that there are automated Turkish coffee makers. They resemble drip coffee systems or Keurigs, but make coffee the Turkish way – combining coffee, water, and sugar in one chamber.

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Proper Turkish coffee making relies on two things – ultra-fine ground coffee and two rounds of heating to produce the proper crema.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Turkish coffee?

The traditional way of making Turkish coffee is to heat the cezve or ibrik on a stovetop. Once it’s hot, the finely ground coffee beans and sugar (if desired) are added to the pot. Then, the pot is brought to a boil and taken off the heat just before the coffee starts to froth. The pot is then returned to the heat and allowed to boil a second time. This process is repeated until the desired strength of the coffee is reached.

What are the best cups for serving Turkish coffee?

Turkish coffee is ultra-rich, so a little bit will do ‘ya. There are Turkish coffee cups, but you can also use espresso or demitasse cups.

What is a cezve?

A cezve is a Turkish coffee-making pot. It’s usually made of copper and has a long handle for easy pours. The cezve is also called an ibrik outside of Turkey and doesn’t require filters or any additional parts and pieces.

Does Turkish coffee require a special type of coffee beans?

Turkish coffee is typically made with Arabica beans. But the grind is the most important. To make the authentic beverage, the beans need to be finely ground, resembling flour.

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