How To Make Coffee

How To Make Coffee – Pour-Overs & French Press & Espresso, Oh, My!

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning—or afternoon, or evening! Whether you prefer it hot or cold, light or dark, brewed or blended, there are so many ways to make coffee. From using an espresso machine to making a pour-over to crafting a Chemex, let’s explore some of the most popular methods for making coffee.

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

French Press

The French press has a glass or plastic carafe with a metal plunger that pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom. The coffee is brewed by adding hot water to the grounds and letting it steep for 3-5 minutes before pushing the plunger down. More about the French Press…


A Chemex is a tall, clear glass carafe with a conical shape, a wood collar and tie, and a filter. It has an hourglass shape, and the entire unit is made from a single piece of glass, making it very durable for pour-over coffee. The Chemex works by slowly dripping hot water through the ground coffee, which is held in a filter. More about the Chemex…

Drip Coffee Maker

An electric drip coffee maker is a device that uses hot water to extract the flavor from ground coffee beans. The coffee is then filtered and collected in a pot or carafe. The most common type of drip coffee maker is an automatic machine with a heating element and a water reservoir. It also has a filter cone that holds the coffee grounds and a pot or carafe to collect the brewed coffee.

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine forces pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans that have been tamped down for a slower pour-through rate. This produces a dark, rich, and bold coffee with a thick crema on top. The crema is an important part of espresso, as it is what gives the drink its distinct flavor and aroma.

Spillin' the Beans, coffee
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Spillin' the Beans, coffee


A Keurig is a single-serve coffee maker that uses disposable K-Cups to make coffee. There’s no mess or clean-up involved as the coffee is brewed directly into a cup.

Nespresso Machine

A Nespresso machine is like a fully automated espresso maker. There are two types of Nespresso machines – the Original and the Vertuo. Both use special foil capsules to produce espresso or single-cup coffee with crema. The Original is limited to .85 ounce espresso to 3.75 oz. lungo. Vertuo machines are more versatile and brew anything from espresso to larger cups. More about the Nespresso machine…

Siphon Coffee Maker

Siphon is a type of coffee maker that uses two chambers to brew coffee. The bottom chamber holds water, and the top chamber is for ground coffee. When the water is heated, it rises up into the top chamber and extracts the flavor from the coffee grounds. The brewed coffee then flows back down into the bottom chamber and is ready to drink. More about the Siphon Coffee Maker…


An AeroPress coffee maker is a device used to make coffee by pressing hot water through ground coffee beans. It is a small, cylindrical device that fits in the palm of your hand and has a plunger on the top that you use to push the water through the coffee. The advantage of AeroPress is that it produces a very smooth and rich cup of coffee with low acidity. More about the AeroPress…

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Moka Pot

There are three main parts to the Moka pot: a lower chamber that holds water, a filter basket that holds coffee grounds, and an upper chamber that holds the brewed coffee. An espresso-style cup of coffee is produced by forcing hot water from the lower chamber into the upper chamber under steam pressure. More about the Moka Pot…

Phin = Vietnamese Coffee Maker

A Vietnamese coffee maker is a device used to make traditional Vietnamese coffee. It consists of a metal filter, which sits atop a glass or cup and holds the coffee grounds. Hot water is poured over the grounds and slowly drips into the cup below, producing a strong and flavorful coffee. The drink is then sweetened with condensed milk and can be served over ice. More about the Phin for Vietnamese Coffee…

Spillin' the Beans, coffee
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