Is the Ember Mug Worth the Price? Pros and Cons of Buying an Ember Mug – 2023

by Lu, Spillin’ the Beans

Most comments regarding the relatively new Ember Mug revolve around its cost. So I thought I’d introduce it and dive into the pros and cons to reveal if the Ember Mug is worth the price.

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No Rush, No Waste

What is an Ember Mug?

Pros and Cons


The Downside

Ember Models and Battery Life

Inexpensive Alternatives

Final Thoughts

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No Rush, No Waste

The Ember Mug is appealing to me as I happen to really enjoy the morning coffee experience. It’s not so much for the caffeine as the comfort level. I walk around with my mug of Nespresso Melozio, put it next to my computer, and appreciate every sip.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to gulp down that warm liquid goodness before it gets cold. You want to savor it, sip it slowly, and make it last. And, c’mon, good coffee is an investment, whether you have a Nespresso, Keurig, Moka Pot, or another maker, so who wants to waste even one precious drop, right?

Well, that’s why I want to devote an entire post to the Ember Mug and Ember Travel Mug. And, yes, either one is an investment. But, if you’re a true coffee enthusiast with extra money to burn, you will love the Ember products. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fantastic gift for a coffee-loving family member or friend, an Ember Mug is a fun gift they didn’t know they wanted!

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What Is an Ember Mug?

“The World’s First Temperature Control Mug”

An Ember Mug is a temperature-controlled mug designed to keep beverages at a desired temperature for extended periods. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a built-in temperature control system. You can handle setting adjustments on the travel mug or through the mobile app for any model.

In a nutshell, you set your optimal temperature for your coffee or other warm beverage, and the Ember system delivers. How long it lasts, though, depends on the model.

The contents will stay warm all day if you leave either the mug or the travel mug on the charging coaster. Off the charger, the standard cup is good for an hour and a half, and the travel version works for up to three hours on the go.

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Pros and Cons

Environmentally friendlyThe price
CustomizableTravel mug isn’t as sturdy
Money-saving (over time)Hand wash
Choice of four modelsLess expensive quality travel mugs available
Sturdy base on the Ember Mug
Espresso cup available
App provides temperature suggestions
Keep liquids hot all day on the charger
Setting adjustments on the Ember Travel Mug (no app needed)
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Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Benefits of the Ember Mug and Travel Mug

I admit that when I first heard about the Ember Mug, the idea excited me until I saw the hefty price tag. Even on Amazon, the most affordable model is the Ember Espresso Cup, just under $100.

However, even if you don’t want to make that big of an investment for yourself, you might not mind receiving or giving one as a gift. It can change your morning (or afternoon!) if you’re someone who isn’t gulping down a few sips on the go to get a caffeine kick. As I mentioned, I love savoring my morning cup, and the Ember Mug allows me to do that for hours!

Cost Savings?

In the long run, Ember can save you money. If you’re using the travel model, you don’t need disposable cups and lids. And the standard mug prevents you from throwing cold coffee down the drain.

But honestly, it’ll take a while to offset the cost of your mug with those minimal savings. To me, it’s all about pampering yourself (or your gift recipient!).

The Downside

If you look at any review of the Ember mug, the first thing you probably read or hear is something about the cost. Undoubtedly it is the biggest downside to an awesome concept.

Aside from the price and having to hand wash the cups and mugs, I don’t find another downside to the Ember mug. However, the Ember travel mug is a different story. At first glance, it looks like it would be the best option of the two. It’s portable, has a longer battery life, and you can adjust the temperature right on the unit without pulling out the app.

Other Options

But the Ember Travel Mug isn’t nearly as hefty as the standard mug, nor is it as sturdy as some inexpensive Thermos models or other travel cups. So, honestly, for the price, you’re better off with a standard travel mug, as it’ll keep your coffee just as hot – at least for an hour or two.

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Ember Models

I’ve mentioned a few Ember options, including the mug, travel mug, and espresso cup. From there, you have a few design choices and updated editions.

The current Ember mug line-up heading into 2023 includes:

Ember Mug (2) – 10 ounces – Red, Black, White, Gray

Ember Mug (2) – 14 ounces – Red, Black, White, Gray

Ember Mug (2) Metallic Collection – 10 ounces – Rose Gold, Copper, Gold, Stainless Steel

Ember Mug (2) Metallic Collection – 14 ounces – Rose Gold, Copper, Gold, Stainless Steel

Ember Cup – 6 ounces – Black, Copper (Copper is $30 more)

Ember Travel Mug (2) – 12 ounces – Black, Red

Battery Life

You’ll notice the “(2)” designation next to the models. It indicates the second edition, with the most significant improvement being battery life. Instead of one hour for the Mug and two hours for the Travel Mug, the newest models provide one and a half and three hours, respectively.

The Ember Cup for espresso is like the mug with an hour and a half of battery life or all-day espresso sipping if you keep it on the charging coaster.

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Are There Inexpensive Alternatives to the Ember Mug?

It’s probably no surprise that competitors come out of the woodwork when relatively new products, like the Ember Mug, hit the marketplace. So, here’s the scoop.

No, they’re not going to be “as good” as the original. However, some higher-rated ones have an incredibly appealing price point, especially compared to the Ember Mug. I think Ember should be the first choice if you’ve got the budget. But if you’re not willing to shell out more than $100 for a temperature-controlled Mug or Travel Mug, then a top-rated, affordable generic brand will do the trick.

The following are a few of the highest-rated temperature control systems on Amazon. But, except for the Travel Mug, these mugs require the coaster for temperature control. The power source isn’t in the cup.

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Final Thoughts

I think you’ll agree that the Ember Mug is a luxury item, but it’s handy whether you want to extend your morning coffee, tea, or cocoa experience. Keeping your morning bevy on the charging coaster can keep you sipping for hours (although that might be a bit extreme!).

The concept of the travel model is intriguing, but I don’t think it works as well as the standard mug or espresso cup. Other travel mug options will keep your coffee piping hot for quite a while and cost significantly less.

If you’ve got some extra cash and are excited about the Ember Mug concept, it’s highly rated, and I think you’ll love it. Alternatively, it’s a fantastic gift because it’s something that not everyone will buy for themselves but will thoroughly enjoy it!

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee

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