Coffee Flights – A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Coffee flights are the perfect way to explore the world of specialty coffee. A coffee flight is a set of different coffees, typically with something in common – like various espressos, flavored coffees, coffees from particular regions, etc. They provide an excellent way to explore new blends and find a new favorite.

Additionally, coffee flights make great gifts for any coffee lover in your life. They can be used to introduce someone to the world of specialty coffee or just cater to their preferences. Coffee flights are also a great way to discover the nuances of specialty coffee.

Regardless of the reason, options for coffee flights or samplers are seemingly endless. But we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, and a few aren’t too stingy on the packaging!

best coffee flights
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CoffeeAM Espresso Flight

A number of Fair-Trade Coffees are grown in developing countries around the world, and CoffeeAM is a certified USDA Organic Coffee Handler.

CoffeeAM has been roasting coffee since 1993 and has an impressive collection. So, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to try any of its coffee flights. However, we chose the espresso sampler, as it’s ideal if you use a Moka pot, AeroPress, or have an authentic espresso machine, but you don’t necessarily need one.

For less than $45, you get five half-pound bags, including Espresso Gold, Italia, Verdi, Prima, and Organic Espresso. The best part is the grind, as it’s available in Whole Bean, Drip, French Press, and Espresso.

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Little Waves Coffee – Mujeres Coffee Flight

As Roast Magazine’s 2022 Coffee Roaster of the Year, you can bet that Little Waves Coffee has something special to offer. And, as far as coffee flights go, you’ll appreciate the variety that the Mujeres Coffee Set provides.

For $75, you get four 12-ounce bags, so they’re much larger than a sampler pack. The Mujeres includes beans from Mexico and El Salvador. Each roast has a story, and you’ll also receive specific brewing instructions to make it easy to brew the perfect cup.

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Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

The five-bag sampler from Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is badass, as it has an excellent variety, with each bag producing an eight-cup pot.

This particular flight includes 100% Kona Full City Roast, Hana Bliss (which is a flavored option), Signature Blend Full City Roast, Hawaiian Blend Full City Roast, and Bad Ass Decaf. It also comes packaged in a nice box with a ribbon. So, buy one for you, and buy more for gift-giving! It’s in the $25 range, so is one of the more affordable options.

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Cooper’s Cask Coffee

– in conjunction with Sons of Liberty Spirits

In conjunction with Sons of Liberty Spirits, Cooper’s Cask Coffee produces small batches of Bourbon, Rum, Whiskey, and Wine Barrel aged coffees. So, we can’t think of a better coffee flight option, as it’s not every day that you get the best of two worlds!

Amazon offers a coffee flight direct from Cooper’s Cask Coffee Store. You get your choice of a three or four-bag flight in ground or whole bean. The four-pack variety includes Rum Barrel Aged with Rwanda, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel with Colombian, Rye Whiskey Barrel with Ethiopian, and Single Malt Whiskey Barrel with Sumatra in four-ounce bags for less than $40.

It’s another great gift idea, as it’s custom-boxed.

[lasso ref=”bourbon-barrel-aged-coffee-whole-bean-set-single-origin-sumatra-whiskey-ethiopian-rye-rwanda-rum-roasted-coffee-beans-whole-bean” id=”559″ link_id=”108″]
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Whole Latte Love – Taste of Italy

If you’re interested in Lavazza or other Italian espresso beans, then the Whole Latte Love coffee flight is the one for you. It’s not very generous to call it a flight, though. This sampler includes more than six pounds of whole bean espresso!

The typical Taste of Italy box includes Lavazza Gran Riserva dark roast, Filicori Zecchini Gran Crema Forte medium roast, and Carraro Globo Verde, another medium roast.

Pricing varies on this one. You can pay anywhere from $65 to $95, but Whole Latte Love will price match.

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Bean Box – Deluxe Coffee and Chocolate Tasting

Rolling Stone designated Bean Box as the Best Overall Coffee Subscription. It might be because the online company curates its products from more than 50 roasters across the United States. But you don’t need to sign up for monthly delivery to give eight artisan coffees a try.

While Bean Box has a few coffee flights available, we chose to highlight the Deluxe Coffee & Chocolate Tasting because, hey, it includes chocolate!

For around $75, you receive eight 1.8 oz samplers and eight “culinary-inspired chocolate bars.” And you get to choose whole bean or ground, so you’re covered both ways. As this coffee flight showcases micro-roasters, you’ll enjoy unique taste profiles with tasting notes included.

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Dessert Lovers Coffee Flight

You might know the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as the place to go for Ice Blendeds. And you can get hold of those yummy Ice Blended powders, like White Chocolate, Cookie Butter, and Red Velvet. But if you appreciate a flavored coffee without the sweetness, you’ll love the Dessert Lovers Ground Coffee Bundle.

The Dessert Lovers flight is more generous than most, as you’ll receive three 12-ounce bags of Columbian blend ground coffee in Crème Brulee, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut. Crème Brulee and French Vanilla are medium roasts, and Hazelnut is full-bodied with an intense aroma that doubles as air freshener!

The dessert coffee flight is in the $40 range. However, you might get lucky as it’s known to go on sale from time to time.

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Nespresso VertuoLine Sampler

So, here’s the scoop. You can buy an actual flight of 10 Nespresso coffee pods on Amazon. However, it costs more than $30!

We love the idea of a proper Nespresso coffee flight, as there are so many delicious variations to try. But we just can’t recommend you spending three times the normal price just to get a bit more variety.

No worries, though, as we’ve two backup plans. The first is a three-pack flight of medium and dark roast VertuoLine capsules. For under $40, you get 30 pods including Melozio, Stormio, and Odacio. Melozio is going to give you the most mellow brew. Odacio is more of a medium dark roast, and Stormio is richer.

Plan B is to make a purchase directly from Every time you order, you get to choose a free two-pack flight. It’s a great way to work through the catalog, especially if you have a Nespresso machine and have to order anyway.

[lasso ref=”nespresso-capsules-vertuoline-medium-and-dark-roast-coffee-variety-pack-stormio-odacio-melozio-30-count-brews-7-77-ounce” id=”566″ link_id=”109″]
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Greater Goods Coffee Flight with Virtual Cupping

It’s a flight, a kit, and virtual cupping all in one.

We had to include the Virtual Cupping box from Greater Goods Coffee Company. You could think of it as like a virtual wine tasting experience, but you’ll learn all about cupping.

The box comes with a cupping spoon, cupping bowl, flavor wheel, instructions, a flight of three 4 oz. samples, and a link to a Zoom meeting. Greater Goods team members conduct virtual classes, so you’ll be a java junkie in an hour! Oh, and it’s only $50!

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Brooklyn Roasting Company – Japan Blend Coffee Sampler

Brooklyn Roasters, Brooklyn Roasting Company Japan Blend

We’ve covered Italy, Mexico, and El Salvador. Now, to cover Japan, we’ll go to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Roasting Company has an excellent selection of generously sized coffee flights. But we have to highlight the Japan Blend.

Coffees include a Japan Custom Roast, Ethiopian Naturals, and sun-dried Brazils with chocolatey notes. Brooklyn Roasting recommends this coffee flight for French Press or pour-over, but a drip machine will work, too!

The flight of three will run you about $55.00, but you might be lucky and catch a discount.

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