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30 Days of Christmas Coffees – Day 3

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Pecan Pie Coffee Latte

Welcome back! It’s day three of’s 30 Days of Christmas Coffees. And, in today’s feature, we’re diving into the world of Christmas coffees with one you’ll absolutely love – a Pecan Pie Coffee Latte.

It’s a pie in a cup, allowing you to get creative with fun toppings. You can add more vanilla to mimic whipped cream. It’s also easy to keep it light and use vanilla extract and milk froth instead of whipped cream.

Let’s get to it and make this holiday season extra special, one cup at a time!

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Pecan pie latte recipe, pecan coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

The Joy of Christmas Coffees

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee has a magical way of making Christmas mornings even cozier. The clinking of cups and the scent of seasonal flavors fill the air, creating the perfect ambiance for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

Christmas coffees aren’t just beverages; they’re experiences, a tradition, and a source of comfort during the festive season. They bring a touch of warmth and cheer to the chilliest of days, and each sip is like a hug for your taste buds.

If you’re not ambitious enough to create a latte, you can still sip and savor with’s Christmas coffee collection. Just brew a cup of Pecan Pie Coffee and you’re in holiday mode!

Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Why You’ll Love a Pecan Pie Coffee Latte

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a delightful and unique Christmas coffee recipe. If you’re a fan of the classic pecan pie, you’re in for a real treat with the Pecan Pie Coffee Latte. It melds the rich, nutty flavors of pecan pie and the creaminess of a latte, creating a combination that’s simply divine.

  • Warm and Comforting –  The Pecan Pie Coffee Latte is like a warm, comforting hug in a cup. The Pecan Pie flavored coffee offers a cozy, nutty sweetness that pairs perfectly with the creamy latte base.
  • Sweet but Not Too Sweet –  This latte is naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup, providing just the right amount of sweetness without being overwhelming.
  • Holiday Vibes –  The nutty, maple-infused flavors in this latte capture the essence of the holiday season. It’s like having a slice of pecan pie in your coffee mug.
Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Gather up your ingredients

– 1 cup of freshly brewed Pecan Pie flavored coffee

– 1/2 cup of milk (whole milk, almond milk, or any milk of your choice)

– 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup

– 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

– Whipped cream

– Crushed pecans and a small piece of pecan pie for garnish (optional)

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee
pecan pie coffee, pecan pie flavored coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Fun Toppings for Your Pecan Pie Coffee Latte

Elevate your Pecan Pie Coffee Latte with some fun toppings to make it even more festive:

Whipped Cream – A generous dollop of whipped cream adds a velvety richness to your latte, making it extra indulgent. But, you can also rely on frothed milk for a luscious creamy topping.

Crushed Pecans – Sprinkle some crushed pecans on top of the whipped cream to enhance the nutty flavor and create a delightful crunch.

Pecan Pie Garnish – For the ultimate holiday feel, garnish your latte with a small piece of pecan pie. It’s the perfect decoration and a sweet surprise at the bottom of your cup.

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Pecan Pie Coffee Latte

The Pecan Pie Coffee Latte is a festive holiday drink that can be served warm or cold, featuring pecan pie flavored coffee or espresso, maple syrup and vanilla.
Prep Time10 minutes
Course: Drinks
Yield: 2 cups


  • 1 cup Brewed Pecan Pie flavored coffee available through
  • 1/2 cup milk – whole, almond, or other nut milk cashew milk is an excellent choice
  • 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract for a sweeter version, use vanilla syrup
  • whipped cream
  • crushed pecans or tiny pieces of pecan pie


  • Brew a strong cup of Pecan Pie flavored coffee with your favorite method – drip, French Press, or espresso machine – espresso grind is preferred
  • During the brew process, heat the milk over low heat to steaming
  • Warm the maple syrup in the microwave for a few seconds – it makes it easier to combine with the other liquids
  • Pour the coffee into two festive mugs
  • Add the warmed maple syrup and the vanilla extract (or vanilla syrup) and combine well
  • Froth the warmed milk and slowly pour into the mugs, using a spoon to hold back the froth to spoon on top
  • Top each mug with whipped cream
  • Be creative with other toppings – pecans, candied pecans, pieces of pie, etc.
  • A cinnamon stick makes a great festive addition, too!


You can purchase a bag of Pecan Pie Coffee in different grinds and sizes on
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Thanksgiving Coffee… Christmas Coffee…

The holiday season is all about creating special moments and cherishing traditions. Christmas coffees are a wonderful way to add warmth, flavor, and a dash of magic to your celebrations. The Pecan Pie Coffee Latte is a unique and delightful choice for your Christmas coffee repertoire, offering the comforting taste of pecan pie in a cup. gifts, coffee gifts, best egifts

Before Turkey

So, brew up a batch, adorn it with fun toppings, and share this wonderful creation with your loved ones. It’s perfect for Christmas, but don’t forget Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for more delightful Christmas coffee recipes and inspirations as we continue’s 30 Days of Christmas Coffees. Each day, we’ll bring you a new and exciting coffee idea to make your holiday season extra special. Cheers to good company and even better coffee! 🎄☕🌟

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee
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