The Ultimate Coffee Maker for Every Coffee Enthusiast: The Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System

By: Brandon Allison

Are you tired of choosing between hot and cold coffee brews? Say goodbye to compromising on your coffee preferences because the Ninja CP307 is more than capable of handling whatever your morning calls for to revolutionize your coffee experience. 

This innovative coffee maker offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of every coffee lover, from batch size, to brew style. It can even switch gears to brew your fresh cup of tea, making it a must-have addition to your kitchen. 

In this blog, I’ll delve into the various features of the Ninja CP307 and explore why it might just be the perfect coffee maker for you.

Spillin' the Beans, coffee

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Versatile Brewing Options

One of the standout features of the Ninja CP307 is its versatility. This machine offers the ability to brew various roasts: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew, and Specialty (espresso). 

  • The classic option will be your most common and casual option to cover your everyday morning cup of coffee. 
  • Rich setting offers a finer brew that is more concentrated and for those who need an extra kick to get their day started. 
  • Over ice speaks for itself, think of this as your “classic” setting for iced coffees.
  • However, the cold brew option is more of that “rich” style of iced coffee which means the Ninja will brew a slower, smoother, and cooler cup of coffee. 
  • The final option, “specialty,” is for espresso drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Each setting is accessible by toggling left to right on the start button.

Tea for two – or, at least for you!

Perhaps even more versatile than these various brews of coffee is the fact that this machine is also just as effective in brewing your favorite teas! 

By simply selecting the tea leaf on the Ninja, it will pull up the different styles of tea available for brewing. These range from black, green, herbal, oolong, and white tea. The Ninja CP307 can brew any of these options from coffee to tea in a matter of 10 minutes, and you will be on your way.

Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Customizable Brew Size

The Ninja CP307 allows you to customize your batch size. Whether you’re brewing an entire pot of coffee for the whole family, or a quick cup in your favorite mug, there’s an option for everyone. 

Similar to the various brewing choices, there are six different batch sizes to choose from, with an exception of the specialty setting automatically brewing four ounces.


 XL Mug

Travel Size

XL Travel Size



All you have to do is fill up the water compartment with the appropriate amount of water necessary for however much coffee to satisfy your needs. 

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Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction® Technology

The secret behind the Ninja CP307’s exceptional coffee lies in its state-of-the-art Thermal Flavor Extraction® Technology. This has been Ninja’s staple in their products, and it is no different with the CP307. 

The unique system unlocks the full potential of your coffee grounds and tea bags. It extracts rich flavors and aromas to create a beverage-drinking experience that brings you straight into your favorite coffee shop. 

Built-in Frother for Specialty Beverages

If there’s one thing all our favorite coffee shops offer nowadays, it’s cold foam. With the help of social media, cold foam on top of your favorite beverages is all the rage, and Ninja took notice. 

The CP307 offers an easy-to-use and even easier-to-clean frother to whip up your very own cold foam right from your kitchen counter. Located on the back left of the machine, all users have to do is pull open the frothing wand and hold down the button top to begin frothing their cold foam creations, or even to create a custom cappuccino!

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Cold Foam

As a former Starbucks barista of two years, I’m no stranger to cold foam. Starbucks offers its own advertised cold foams such as salted caramel cold foam, vanilla sweet cream cold foam, cinnamon caramel cold foam, chocolate cold foam, and even seasonal cold foams such as pumpkin spice. 

However, customers can order any cold foam creation available from Starbucks’ selection of flavors (toffee nut, hazelnut, brown sugar, etc.). 

Unique recipe from former Starbucks barista

With the experience I gained, I was able to create my own recipe right at home that I'd love to share with you all to try! The best part is, there are only four ingredients necessary : heavy whipping cream, Coffee Mate Hazelnut creamer, maple syrup, and cinnamon powder.
The recipe goes as follows :


  • 1/2 cup Heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup Hazelnut creamer
  • 1 tbsp Maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp Cinnamon powder


  • Stir these ingredients in a measuring cup and refrigerate while you brew your iced coffee on the Ninja CP307.
  • Once your coffee is finished brewing, simply froth these ingredients right inside of the measuring cup using the froth wand and pour directly on top of your iced coffee for a sweet, delicious maple-cinnamon cold foam.
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Easy Clean-up

Despite its variety of features, the Ninja CP307 is incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive control panel and display make brewing your perfect cup of coffee a breeze. Even better, are the various parts that are easy to attach and detach. They’re also dishwasher safe which simplifies the cleaning process and saves you precious time. 

The only parts of this machine are the coffee filter holder, coffee filter, frothing wand (which may not be used every single time), water reservoir, coffee scoop (which is double-sided for a smaller/larger scoop of coffee grounds), and the pot itself. That is a maximum of five parts that need to be washed in preparation for its next use which can be done even quicker than brewing the coffee itself!

Spillin' the Beans, coffee

Final Thoughts on the Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for the ultimate coffee maker that caters to all your brewing needs, the Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System is the answer. Its versatility, customizable options, advanced technology, and ease of use make it a top-notch choice for coffee and tea lovers everywhere. 

Whether you’re a fan of hot coffee to fuel your mornings, refreshing iced coffee to channel your inner barista, or a cup of tea to wind down in the evening, this machine delivers an unmatched beverage crafting experience. Embrace the joy of brewing your favorite beverages and getting creative with new creations, all in the comfort of your home with the Ninja CP307.

Spillin' the Beans, coffee

About the Author

Brandon Allison is a recent graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications and Media and plans to create content on various topics. Brandon was a barista while in college and has a love and passion for all things coffee, excited to share his knowledge, recipes, and creations.

Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee
Spillin' the Beans, coffee
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